Friday, 15 May 2009

i need something

something to occupy me.i love drawing,but i still feel that i am too sloppy to be happy with the finished pieces.i started to have a little mess around with my old jewellery last night,and i made my little mexican shrine(i got the box off etsy).i also put a skully face on a bug white flower...and then i got heart lives for creativity and at the moment i am producing zilch.i know my true passion is art.i love drawing.but i can't seem to get the knack of the finished's driving me mad because i KNOW i can do it and that all these other artists are no better than me,but on paper,they are!if you know what i mean?aarrrggghhhh,i just feel like i need some artistic epiphany...

on another note,i'm a little nervous of my driving lesson this the weeks go on i seem to be getting a little more nervous beforehand.maybe it's because my brains full of all these details and i worry about getting it wrong when actually teacher says she normally gets an idea of what pupils are going to be like at learning to drive on the first lesson.she assured me she wouldn't say anything just to make me feel good,and i believe her as she is quite straight talking.she thinks i will make a good driver,which was really great to hear.but i just hate it when i stall,or cross over my hands when steering or braking too suddenly.a few people now have said to me that at some point it will just "click" and become more like second nature.i want that point to hurry up!i keep having a little run through what i've learnt so far,like in steps,such as 1.clutch down 2.change gear etc etc...i don't know if that helps with driving lessons?like revising?or not?i am very excited and do enjoy my lessons as i know it will all be worth it,i just hope i start feeling more happy with my progress.
looking for cute pictures on google to put on this entry,i found this awesome article...and instantly i feel a little better,it's not just me who worries!


  1. maybe the fact you are getting so down on your drawing is stiffling all other creative outlets?! you should put aside a little time each day for doing something you enjoy. creative or not... then atleast u'll be doing something that is worthwhile rather than just working and playing wifey etc, know what i mean jellybean ;)
    you are a very creative creature and i am sure it comes naturally.
    we will have craft parties when i am there :D yussssss
    also with the driving, the fact that each week there is more and more to remember is a frightening prospect... but trust me when i say, it's all mostly common sence :) which you has. the more you do it, the more confident you will become. everyone gets there in their own time my darling! you'll be ayyyy okayyyy hehe
    loves xxxxxxxxx

  2. i dont wanna put you off, but i didnt feel like i knew what i was doing driving, until i passed and was off driving on my own. Thats when you really learn. I had to talk everything through in my head, but thats good, it makes sure you're thorough, and thats what makes you pass! Now, i drive like a bloody loon! Heh. But keep it up, you're doing great :) Keep remembering the little mantras, like "mirror, mirror, signal", it works!!! If I can pass, anyone can! haha xxx

  3. awww,you two are the best xxxx