Tuesday, 12 May 2009

saturday's charity shop finds in wolverhampton

this little kitty has beautiful japanese flowers painted on him.

i only actually brought the one with the four cats on it in wolverhampton.the other two single cats i brought separately.i kinda ended up collecting them accidentally,i just started noticing that in most charity shops you will find a white cat with a little ribbon on it:)tacky but cute.

how kitsch is this?i like moons and i love the frame...and the girl is quite cool in a retro way.

i got this mainly for the frame,though the ship made out of straw was pretty cute.i have replaced it now though with an awesome tara mcpherson piece of art that was actually in bizarre magazine.

stunning and rather old looking fan.i love the spanish men and women on it...just a shame about the bullfighting scene depicted on it...

random owl.i like owls anyway and he was only 50p.plus i thought i could always paint him at some point.

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  1. i actually LOVE the clown lady, shes gorgeous! and the ship one is lushness too! Nana is proud of your charity shop finds! they must have extra special good ones in wolves! xxx