Monday, 1 June 2009

dibbles and brassy (part four)

saturday night was spent first in the pub with my dad,having a drink and a chat.i love those times,i really do.around 10.30pm we dropped into wish my dad's partners son-in-law a happy 50th birthday.i'm not very good at these sort of things (ie.socialising with people i don't know at all)so i did the usual just sitting quietly and smiling a lot.but then luckily (as i'd hoped) the pets of the house wandered in.i had been told they were spaniels and that one was huge(dibbles) and one was a little thing(brassy).they were the most adorable pair of king charles spaniels i have ever seen(though i do remember years and years ago seeing one outside the supermarket once,and thinking how sad it's big wet eyes were.they reminded me of a seals.)brassy is a skinny,rather small(though not tiny)classically adorable,ginger and white spaniel,and dibbles is a chunky brown pug nosed spaniel.he has the most big,buggy eyed eyes i have ever black moor fish have nothing on him!i literally fell in love with him.they both had just cut curly fur,that made them so soft to stoke,they were like cuddly little teddy bears.they both took turns on my lap,but dibble especially liked the attention i was giving him.i always have a thing for the not so pretty cute dogs,they warm my heart.and i wish i could have taken them home.though i doubt our little boys would have appreciated it!

unfortunately my mobile battery had died by this point,but not before i took a photo of brassy:)not of dibble though,pah!

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