Sunday, 14 June 2009

friday and saturday was shits and giggles

this weekend has been lovely, and seen as my 4pm driving lesson has been cancelled due to the instructors car needing a part,i thought i'd use the extra spare time to blog about it:)sam came to stay over friday night.originally we were due to be tattooed by her friend jo in swindon on the saturday,but jo was asked to go merch for metallica...yes,you heard right!i'm not a metallica fan at all,but they're kinda a big the tattoo was rescheduled for just as soon as we're all able to do it,which is fine as i was broke anyway and it's never good going somewhere new with zero money!nevermind anywho as we still had a great time friday started off pretty funny as sams car overheated and had to be pushed into a parking place (that bit wasn't funny)...watching mikee pushing the car with sam in it was pretty amusing.

sam brought some lovely goodies over with her...gorgeous ingredients for the meal of vegan cheesy risotto she was making us (how lucky am i to have a friend who wants to cook for me?!),some wine,and some little gifts...roses!!!and the bleeding through belt buckle i have wanted for ages!!!!!i was so chuffed!sam is such a sweetheart.
the evening was spent eating,drinking and watching films(hostel 2 and anchorman,though we did start watching p2,just so sam could enjoy the head crushing bit,she likes things like that you see).we even had vegan jelly and icecream,nomnomnom.

so after such a lovely evening on friday,we had a lovely day on the saturday too!we had a nice relaxing start to the day which was begun by eating leftovers of the risott...i LOVED the damn risotto,so amazing!!!a party in my mouth:)after breakfast we had a wander round town,having a little browse in tk maxx where i brought a few bits and bobs that caught my eye,but as usual were in the clearance section!once we'd had a walk around cardiff city centre we decided to head back and get bambi and bela and take them to the was crazy busy and the weather was so nice it'd be just plain wrong not to take the little boys out!so we had a nice hour or so just sitting in the sun:)

after we'd finished at the park sam thought we should go for a wander round ikea,which was also super fun!we both got some lovely little things and i managed to get a picture of us in some of ikea's many mirrors.


  1. i had the BEST time! i love you xxx

  2. i love you'm!!!!! i do not love that skype was being aan arse :( boooooo
    cant wait for our fun times :D