Tuesday, 9 June 2009


i realised i hadn't even started reading this yet,and my driving instructor asked me if i'd booked my theory test yet,which i hadn't even thought about.so i'm cramming up on this right now,also hoping it will help me get the practical side (the actual driving!) better too:)

i am loving this book, full of information on the animal liberation front and animal rights, but also written so well that it is by no means a chore.

haven't even started this yet,but it's been ages since i read anything,and especially a crime fiction book.richard montanari is pretty good,i loved broken angels especially.i do miss working in the library,and the excitement when we'd get the new books in,all shiny and covered in plastic,and not a soul had read them yet...sigh.best job i ever had.

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  1. i am friends with kieth on facebook :D wreeeeeeeee