Saturday, 6 June 2009

saturday with sam

my lovely friend sam came to cardiff for a day of charity shopping and toddling around.i enjoy her company so much (ello sam!),it's a breath of fresh air to be around someone who is totally themselves,and fucking funny too!the rain was torrential today,and right now it doesn't seem to be stopping!we had a nice long walk around town.we like a lot of similar things,which makes it even more fun.if only i'd just had loads of money that i could have brought dresses with!we did do some charity shop rummaging though,and i found a few little bargains that were actually pretty cheap,which is good considering how broke i am until payday!i wish i'd taken some more photos but as the weather was so bad we had to give the park a miss...nevertheless,it was a lovely day!!!!more of them please:)
here are some presents sam got me<3 eeeeee....

a scary thing we saw in a shop window on city road...think it's meant to be a lion...rarrrr

sam and her little man (bela loves her)

checking out the hats in tk maxx

bambi checking out sam's present

sloth bear love

my charity shop finds...
a tiny little fox that i have swapped with the pull on the light switch so little foxy now turns the light on and off.little baby has wonky eyes,awwww.

pretty birds:)


ding a ling...a cute little rabbit bell!

a fox mask to go with my teddy bear mask.cute,but creepy.

white porcelain tackiness,cat,swans...perfect.

little wooden deer "Mail" wall kitsch and cute

random silhouette pictures


  1. I had such a nice day :)

    I'm glad you found so many lovely things :)love you xxx

  2. ah your gift to sam is just precious. I'm a tad jealous.

  3. Looks like you had an awesome day...