Thursday, 23 July 2009

few pics

i had to take a picture of bela and mikee last night,the way bela was sitting made me giggle!

and two of me...i'm not liking my hair today at all,but i love the heruge yellow flower i got from topshop,it was £3 reduced from £12 :)


  1. You are soo cute! Love that hair flower!

  2. you look so pretty my beaut!

    when can we get married please?xxx

  3. I love the flower!
    I actually saw you and Mikee today (walking past topshop) and I was all set to say hi until I remembered that I haven't actually met you and it might look weird :/ I kind of know mikee though from when he promoted at the Meze and used to put my ex boyf's band on a lot. I will say hi next time :)

  4. Your hair is amazing - I could never get it to look that cute. Love the flower, I need to buy something from TopShop.