Tuesday, 28 July 2009

a few pictures from the weekend

weekend with my family in wolves again:)was not looking forward to the journey back at all last night as the train didn't get into 12.45am.to make matters worse,the train stopped twice(once,because engineers on the track,the second time...who knows?the driver obviously didn't feel the need to share with us)and it finally pulled into cardiff at almost 2am.i'm at work today and i is tired indeed.ah well.

found this cute little deer in a charity shop:)then it fell on the train station platform and it's head breaked off :/oh deer!think i will need to get the superglue out.

a couple of video nasty's for mikee(6 for £1 is ridiculous,but i like it!)...and labyrinth for me<3

i had time to kill while waiting at shrewsbury station...i do love my wednesday addams-esque shoes,but i was sick of them by 2am last night.heavy shoes on very long train journeys=fail.

susie,my mom's (owl)cat.she actually seemed to like me this weekend:)i got to stroke her a few times,and i love how tiny she is compared to the doglets.

i should have brought a change of clothes,i got SICK of this outfit by the end of my stay.

me,bored and tired,at shrewsbury.my hair was randomly flicking up.the toilets were quite vile.

a huge match imitation candle lighter.

my mom and i ate at Arizona Crossing again.yummy food,and it reminded me that Bella is from there,as in,Bella in twilight.this weekend has seen me become quite obsessed with anything twilight related.

i like the toilet signs:)

if you haven't already guessed,ARIZONA crossing is somewhat american themed.

farm cats<3

taking advantage of the huge full length mirrors in my dad's room.my head looked way too big for my body.

my dad and jasmine:)

boredom on the train.the rose is by dawnii at painted lady tattoo parlour,birmingham,uk.(covering up a silly little anchor i had).
my beautiful lady,grace,done by eckel,times of grace,germany,at the london tattoo convention 2008.
"love" and "loss" by julie of lucky 13 tattoo,leicester,uk.

NOT from the weekend in wolves,but my boys enjoyed this puddle at the side of the road.(i don't like their leads,but at least they match)

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  1. Arizona Crossing sounds epic! You totally have to post a copy of the menu for me. I can't even imagine.