Thursday, 9 July 2009

google maps and san francisco

me and mikee had much fun "walking around" san francisco last night,looking at the places he went to when he visited last year.we are hoping to go this year (though our financial state tells me it will make more sense to go january time) to have a well deserved holiday and hopefully get married! nothing is set in stone but it's what we both want, and doing it in sf would be beyond perfect for us.shame we wouldn't be able to take our two furry babies!mikee adores sf and i have never been to the us...i STILL think of it as movieland,it always has this air about it...makes the uk look so shit.we want to take a little roadtrip to where lost boys was filmed too.i can't wait!now we just need some money to make it happen!
* nb. i am almost scared to blog about our plans and hopes to get married as i am naturally a negative person,who tends to think of all the things that could go wrong.hopefully it won't so all i can do is try to be happy but cautious!

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