Friday, 3 July 2009

i fell in love with a baby seagull today

after a few days of being stuck in the house,despite my mouth still being numb/painful/achey and yucky tasting,i decided to nip up town.i meant to be up there for an hour or two.i was out a little longer than that...
so after i'd popped to tk maxx (love the homeware section...and don't get me started on the reduced items!)i was near the little park near the market ("the hays"?... sam said it's called) when i saw some market workers chatting about and looking at a seagull.he appeared to be i went over and watched for a while.a couple of the market workers came over,the woman worker clearly wanted to help the baby gull.he seemed injured and very lost,and he didn't fly away,which they do when you get too close for their comfort i chatted briefly with the lady and she wanted to get him in a box.she was asking one of the male workers to help.but i get the feeling he didn't give a shit unfortunately.he was so trying to get out of i offered to try pick the bird up.i have NEVER picked a bird up,but that wasn't going to stop me.he didn't snap,but he toddled away.he obviously wanted to get away and not be picked up,thank you very much.i don't know he was a boy,he just looked like i told the market lady i would call Fauna up (run by one lady.she basically goes out to pick up injured wildlife to nurse them back to health,and then release them.i'm in awe of her)to see if they could come get him.he looked so so lost and i just couldn't see how he would survive without his sad.i didn't have Fauna's number to hand,but luckily i have an amazing friend called sam,who googled the number for me,while she was at work,and text me once i had briefly explained to the lady (called Vicky) what was going on,she told me to keep an eye on the gull and she would leave right away.i spent a good hour simply following this little baby around.i had to tell a few people what i was doing,they seemed a little bemused why i was following a seagull around.most people seemed concerned,which i thought was and the little one circled the park,here and there,toddling around.i kept a good distance but had to shoo away some evil seagull that attacked the first i thought it could be the mom...until said seagull tried to nip the baby on the gull made a little cheep.nasty grown up seagull!after toddling around (A LOT!),hiding a little,waddling through a gift shop and hiding in the park bushes,the little baby was netted by Vicky and popped in a box.she explained that the baby was tiny and would probably have not survived the weekend,with drunks or other wild animals hurting it,and it would be unable to fly away.she was going to look after the little one and when it could fly,release him,but away from the city.i admired her,and how she comes out immediately to help animals.what an inspiration.there was one point where as i amde kissy sounds to the baby seagull,it was looking at me curiously,cocking it's head in curiosity.he let me get close to him.and it was so beautiful.after a while he didn't seem to mind me following him.i fell in love with animals even more so today.
after such an adventure,sam met me in town after work,and we had a good afternoon chatting,shopping and eventually eating our gorgeous nummy vegan sandwiches by the river in the castle park,with mikee joining good in fact that when we got back to the flat,i was beyone shocked to see it was after 6pm.i really thought it was hours earlier than that!just goes to show time can fly when you're having fun!laaaaaame!!!!
now bed some last minute tidying to do before my mom and twin brother (and his girlfriend) see my home for the first time since i moved here last year.

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