Wednesday, 29 July 2009

saffron-rori welsh

i miss her!saffy moved to worcester a little while ago,to set up home with her psychobilly fella.she's originally from caerphilly,wales and we got to know each other when i moved here.despite the difference in age(she's 19,me 25),i feel like we have a natural connection.she was a huge part of my life at one point,she would drive down to visit,usually bringing pizza and goodies.we would go to hammertime and get hopelessly drunk.we got locked out once and had to dangle through the bathroom window to get back in.i love her that much that i even got into a physical,albeit stupid and drunken,fight outside a club.we both wear hair was like a hair extension bomb had gone off.ooops.she has always been there for me,and although we had a period where things went iffy(i think that was down to me),we adore each other.that brief time where we lost touch,i had made a new friend in jo,and stupidly appeared to put seeing her over seeing saffron.i never meant it that way,and to think that i hurt saffy by doing so breaks my heart.but i truly love saffy to bits.she's my little sweetheart and i'm very lucky to count her as my best friend.

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