Wednesday, 22 July 2009

team twilight

i just finished reading twilight,and i loved it!they did such a great job of transferring it to film,i felt like the book was written after the film.there's something about twilight that makes me think back to when i spent most of my spare time reading,i would have been in my early teens and reading was my life.i would take the maximum of 10 books out at the library and would have read at least two of them by the end of the day.from sweet valley high to point horror(my absolute favourites),and from babysitters club to nightmares,i read them so greedily.i never got tired of favourite passtime would be curling up on the sofa with some nice food (icecream with sprinkles usually!)and just spending all day reading.or i would wake up on the weekend and go back to bed with one of my books.i loved reading all the descriptions of the characters appearance,and of the romances they had.the age i was,i was nowhere near being at the age to attract boys,so reading about relationships used to make me excited for the future,and for finding love if i was lucky.reading these books took me away to a totally different place.most of the books i loved(and still prefer now)were american,so i have always felt an affinity for the american girls way of life!nevermind that it was a fictional version of it!so basically,i think my love for stephanie meyer's twilight stems back to when i was a total bookworm,and the kind of books i used to read.i think it has a certain innocence to it,without it being a childs is hinted at,but nothing more,and their isn't really any bad language.i really recommend people to read it,because it's basically just a love story.with vampires.and i'm all for that!so now,i need to get me a copy of new moon...

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