Friday, 31 July 2009

we love chips

sam came to stay last night, as it was easier for her to get the coach from cardiff to london early this morning.y'see she is being tattooed by eckel today at frith street in soho.lucky little lady.i have pretty sore memories of my eckel tattoo time in frith street at the start of the year,i had the side of my neck done.and boy,did it hurt!i was writhing around like a wiggly worm.eeeee.sam is having a harry potter themed piece on her ribs.yes,on her ribs.crazy lady!can't wait to see it though:)sam is her.
we had chips for tea:D this is sam keeping hold of the terrors while i went in to get the food.they barked manically at a bigger dog across the street.they can be little hellions.

sam and her cuppa and bela.

bambi von likes chilling out in small also means bela leaves him alone,well,for a little while anyway.


  1. Ribs. Ouch!
    I didn't mind my neck so much, but my ribs were a nightmare.

    When we were there, we went to the Cro Bar in Soho to meet up with one of my friends that owns a shop there! I miss it. :(