Friday, 24 July 2009

what a difference make-up can make

i really should make sure i get up earlier in the mornings,i look a lot better when i've had chance to take my time with my make-up.
ps. i really wish my weight would distribute more evenly, i want a chubbier face please!


  1. I will glady give you my chubbier face,and hair and face super cute!

  2. i was actually going to post a blog on the exact same thing lol!

    i never wear makeup to go to work, doing anything before 9am should be banned - im suprised i manage to get clothes on, doing makeup would be such a challenge!

    you can have my facechub!xxx

  3. my dearest samsam and mauhuahua... you teo are both goregous with or without makeup!!!! your insides sing to me like a oopey gooey symphony. i wuvvvvs you :D