Monday, 3 August 2009

hospital day

i was glad to get my hospital appointment over with today.the procedure itself was physically uncomfortable and rather embarassing,but not as bad as i thought.the doctor said he didn't see anything to worry about,but that the results should come through in 3 weeks or so.we got the bus back to cardiff as mikee's car is being serviced and MOTed,and took the opportunity to get off the bus in canton.there's some awesome charity shops there,and although i didn't get much,i saw a fair few things i thought i may have been able to sell on ebay.but being a little broke until payday (nothing new there then!) and aware of how tricky it can be to sell online,i decided to leave them for someone else to come across.mikee brought me a cute little doll:)she enjoyed the park,where we sat down to eat our chips.there was a very slight chill in the air and the leaves already seemed to be falling,but it was beautiful.i love moments like that with mikee.

i love the animals on cardiff castle park walls.

a few random pics from the weekend...

this was a really gorgeous big fluffy pigeon,didn't want to get too close and scare him off.

we had a little picnic in the same park on sunday after my driving was lovely weather,but my phone camera didn't pick up on that!


  1. love your dog we had one just looked the same...foxey he was a great character....