Sunday, 9 August 2009

journal making

is going well.i now have 3 made and ready to sell,now if only i can persuade my dad to let me use his card to sign up to sell on etsy...but anyway,i have made minor changes to the twilight influenced journal,just decluttered it a little.i made a bride of frankenstein/gothic lolita themed journal yesterday,as well as starting a shabby chic inspired journal,with a circus tattooed lady theme.i'm really happy with how they are so far:)i'm leaving taking a photo of them until it feels right,or at least until i've made a couple more!
as well as journal making,this weekend has been very enjoyable doing other things...the charity shopping on saturday,and today after my driving lesson we took the boys to the park.the weather was gorgeous and very warm,bela and bambi would not stop panting!it can't have been thirst as i kept topping their water tub up once we were sat down.the driving lesson itself went well i we practised bends,roundabouts and a tiny bit of reversing.i can't wait until i don't have to pay out £36 a week for lessons.and i can't say i will miss the instructor either.she can be lovely,but she also tends to go off on one,telling me ten thousand things i've done wrong in the space of a totally spooks me,and it's been a few lessons now that i've thought i was gonna try with her constant telling me off.i mean surely she knows it's not a good way to teach...tutting when i stall?!

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