Tuesday, 18 August 2009

taco monday

after work yesterday, mikee and i popped out in the car to get a few bits and bobs from tesco.it's so nice having the car back after a couple of months without it.after tesco(where we picked up goodies to make tacos with,minus the cheese unfortunately as smaller tesco's don't seem to like vegans and don't get cheese in for them)we popped to penarth,where we sat on the beach and had a snack of crisps,crisps,pistachio nuts(yuck)and crisps.penarth is so picturesque,really makes you realise how close cardiff is to the ocean.it was beautiful.their was a nice breeze in the air,and the scenery was stunning.we picked up some cool rocks off the beach(mikee's choices were any cool looking stones he could find,including one perfectly round stone.my choices were any little white pebbles that looked like teeth.)

for dinner we had vegemince tacos with salad and salsa.i had never made these before so it was super fun to see how they turned out.mikee really enjoyed his,but i only had one as i wasn't oo hungry.and besides i didn't realise how hot the taco spices were that i added to the mince.my mouth(and lips) can't deal with spicy or hot food.i think my lips even blistered a little temporarily!lame!


  1. Ohhh... taco monday looked like so much fun. Looks like you had a lot of fun with your car being back in your hands. Enjoy driving again :)