Thursday, 24 September 2009

blah blah blah to you

i'm guessing that i'm not one of the most popular girls around.and i'm beginning to wonder whether it's all worth the effort at all.the only girl that has ever truly understood me is saffron,and i really miss her.i don't want to be the kind of girl that is all about her boyfriend,i want my own social life and circle of friends.but i think maybe i'm just too loner-ish for it to really work.

and hey,can you guess i've been stood up?well kinda.if you call not getting in touch to arrange a night know when you keep pushing to meet,and then think that you will leave it to the other person...and you don't hear anything?i feel like a child for taking it personally.

and i do think back to last year when i went to the london convention and had a circle of friends.cardiff friends there were jo and lewis.and i finally got to meet and hang out with andy and rose.but this year i'm not going.this does indeed suck.but it seemed all odds were stacked against it.i guess it's something that needs proper arrangement in good time...ah well.

tonight was busy,i customised 7 journals/notebooks and made 5 cards(halloween mainly,but one alice in wonderland).i've decided now i'm going to concentrate on animal themed items,seen as it is all for a VEGAN fair,haha.and mikee thinks i should make some suitable for men to.whichever is very true!the free journal i am donating to the prize draw that day will definitely need to be unisex,because you don't know who will win.

i was really touched when i arrived home from work today.mikee had brought me presents and a card,part as a thank you for his birthday present(how silly is that?little darlin!),part as a 2 year anniversary present.we can't remember exactly when our anniversary is but i think we're gonna celebrate it this weekend.anyway,mikee brought me two dvds:haunting in connecticut(saw it in cinema ages ago,so creepy!and the eyelids...*puke*) and a film called live feed,which sounds very hostel/saw,he also brought me the latest cd by bat for lashes,two suns.i adore bat for lashes and love this album!and he also brought me some blank notebooks from poundland for me to customise,bless him.i was so taken aback,and it really made me feel good.surprise presents are awesome!


  1. you are very popular ma-wee-wee!

    you are my favourite and i miss you :(

    who stood you up? can i kick them?xxx

  2. I know how you feel , its my birthday soon and i feel like I have little to no friends. I havent arranged anything because getting let down is worse than not making plans to be let down!
    I love you're new diarys I plogs posted them in a comment on Twicrack addict, I really hope she blogs about them they are lovely and deserve the attention!! xx