Wednesday, 16 September 2009

first day off today

of the 3 days i booked off's my dad's 58th birthday tomorrow so we're going up to wolves until sunday.can't wait to see all my family!and i'm sure we will do a little car booting on the weekend i am booked in with drew to get my feet coloured.eeep,wonder if we'll manage it?!i do doubt it if it is as bad as the lining.drew said the lining would be worse,but the small amount of shading he did also killed.but maybe that was just my body telling me i'd had enough for the time being?!we shall see anyway,excited to get them finished!
anywho,today we had a busy old time.first of all we set out to go pick a shelf up from st. athans in barry,south wales.i won it on ebay and it is super cute.pretty sure i've seen it before in ikea and loved it...

it took us around an hour to get there,i didn't realise barry was pretty big and that st.athans was a bit of a distance!but we got there okay and picked it up so i was very pleased.after that we dropped the boys back home and went to visit mikee's mom in cwmbran.cymbran is pretty quaint,and has a nice small town feel about it.after we had spent a couple of hours at mikee's mom's(it was around 3 at this point)we went for a little walk around cwmbran,with the idea of getting a bolognese pasty to eat from holland and barratt,but they had run out,so we had to go get something from asda.and there we FINALLY found the "pure" line of cheese slices and spread("pure" is vegan friendly),we've been keeping our eyes out for ages!i would say the thing i miss the most about being vegan is cheese,so i was chuffed to see asda stocked it.before that i had also managed to buy some craft supplies from the market there,i LOVE craft shops!it's all so shiny,sparkly and tempting!
by the time we had been shopping in asda i think both mikee and i were pooped and just wanted to eat!so we drove to a park nearby and ate our just-purchased feast on one of the benches (which the local kids had obviously set alight,and scrawled on,in the past...idiots!).i wish i had taken a photo of our impromptu picnic but had assumed my phone wouldn't do it as the battery was dying(i was wrong,as it was only later the phone did refuse to take photos because of mentioned low battery!)...we had some yummy food though between us."pure" cheese slices with french stick and pickle,mediterranean sea salt baked crisps,as well as some indian treats such as pakora and spring rolls from the curry counter in asda.i tried the "pure" cheese spread and fuck,it tasted like icecream!mikee had told me it did...and it really did!i didn't get it and i sure as hell didn't like it!you buy fake cheese spread...and get a weird icecream flavoured spread?!mikee loved it,i didn't.wasn't it meant to be cream cheese?!weird!i don't want icecream flavoured cheese,even if it is vegan friendly!
after we had eaten,we walked over to the river next to the really is beautiful down there,so i took a few pictures.mikee wanted to take one of me,but the battery died while he was getting me into position(sounds rude!) that people take of me generally look awful,so i guess i was saved by the low battery!

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