Saturday, 12 September 2009

friday night

i met up with one of my favourite people!jayne worked at cardiff women's aid not long ago and was "let go".it's a very long and messy story,and will only remind me of how angry it makes me.anyway,we hadn't met up for a few weeks,so it was nice to catch up with her.we went for a drink outside a bar in town called pulse.apparently it's a gay bar,but i wouldn't know as i still know very little about cardiff!i only had a glass of coke as i was broke,but it was so lovvely to catch up with jayne.she had brought me some flowers too!i was really touched,so thoughtful of her!i didn't get any photos unfortunately but will have to try to next time.i did take a couple photos in the toilets(how very me!)because i loved the was a little rough round the edges,but they had loads of mirrors in there,which made for an interesting view when you looked in any one of them!how very novel to see yourself from the front and back!

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