Monday, 28 September 2009

guest photographer mikee

i could not bring enough cheer to my miserableness yesterday to even take photos(even though tenby is gorgeous),but mikee insisted on taking photos,and they are pretty special.
views of tenby.

mikee looked super happy in the photos bless him,but in the picture of us both you can see my strained expression and most of my eye makeup has come off from the bawling!(i look like i have a huge chin,haha).

this is a really cool old style cinema that only shows one film once an evening for a week at a time.

this made me smile...very briefly.


  1. it looks so colourful, the buildings, i have a t-shirt from Tenby!
    Fancy that - my mom was in Wales a year ago visiting her friends.

  2. Next time i will go with! I HAVE TOO!