Tuesday, 15 September 2009

kanye west,you are a douche and a half

so,the whole kanye west throws a tantrum at the VMA's...what a prick.seriously,how small must his dick be?i hate his music,i don't really know taylor swift's music much to be honest,but it doesn't take a taylor fan to see what a total idiot kanye was to do that to her.so there she is saying how she never thought she would get an award and how amazing it was...and then old wanker-face kanye gets on,spouts some shit about beyonce (who to her credit,looked mortified) like he doesn't realise she has good ole jay z and wouldn't want him anyway...and totally turns her moment into his.and she's only a kid too.kanye,you are a full-blown douche.pickin' on teenage girls...pink put it all brilliantly.

"So what are you gonna sing for us this morning?"
"please dont leave me"
"i wont...what are you gonna sing for us this morning?"
hehehe,he made me giggle :)
this comment on the video did too...lame-o:
Pink better not confuse the rock/pop world with the rap world though...it's not a game
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.OH PURLEASE!"IT'S NOT A GAME!"DON'T WET YOUR PANTS MISTER RAP FAN.makes me laugh how they take themselves so seriously.lollama.

anyway,on sadder news...

patrick swayze died:( i didn't know until i got up at 6am this morning(couldn't sleep)and saw it online.he was an awesome actor.his character in ghost was amazing,donnie darko too.

but to end this post on a more cheerful note,i sold two more journals yesterday,so pleased about that:)

we should all treasure what we have,because life is just too short.

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