Monday, 21 September 2009

the long weekend in wolves...kinda in bullet points

but not.
before we headed to wolves for my dad's birthday,we had a vets appointment at 9.30 for bambi and his legion of fleas.everybody in the pdsa waiting room was laughing at our little agressive papillon,who insisted on barking manically at every other dog there,most of whom were a lot bigger than him,but also plainly did not give a shit about a tiny papillon's vendetta against them.bambi also got to meet a long lost elderly lady told us that her dog was the absolute image of bambi,and said she would go and get him from the car...we were then introduced to chinny the 13 year old long haired chihuahua!oh my,i adored him!he was a tiny little chihuahua who DID ineed look like bambi,but with smaller features and huge buggy chihuahua eyes.bambi did complain(aka.bark)a little at chinny,but i think he held off a bit as chinny was even smaller than him and he did look like a long lost relative of bambi.i fell in love,the little one was shaking like a leaf and she told us he had kidney(or liver?)problems:( we did see her again before we left and she was beside herself as they had to take chinny in for a few days as he was so ill.she looked so upset:( it really made me want a tiny chihuahua like little chinny.
eventually we got seen by the vet who made us giggle as she called us in by actually calling out bambi's name as..."bambi brown".we never considered that bambi had a surname!sounded cute!bambi was seated on the table and examined,which he didn't like.he tried to nip the lady vet a couple of times,but i think it was just a threat,his teeth didn't make contact.she confirmed he had an allergy to the fleas which was why he had lost weight and fur,and his skin was all sore looking and pink.she was going to give him an injection for the allergy,but luckily for bambi they were out of stock,and she had to prescribe bambi tablets instead.she also sold us some super awesome flea treatment called stronghold,which is just as awesome as frontline and seems to have worked.hooray!bambi was weighed before any treatments were prescribed and he weighs in at an amazing 4kg!he is tiny!apparently that is around the wieght of 4 bags of sugar!our little tiny baby!i think we need to keep up with our hotdog diet for was such a relief to know that once bambi's treatments kicked in that he would be okay.we've been pretty worried about him.

after we had taken bambi to the vets,we headed home,picked bela up(who was offish with us for a while after we had been to the vets,he had not been happy about being left alone)and our bags for the weekend ahead and headed for wolverhampton.the drive wasn't too bad,and i got in a little nap too:)
the evening was spent seeing various people at my dad's,as they had come to wish him a happy birthday.i ended up popping some money in his card,he's hard to buy for as he is totally unmaterialistic,and he always says not to get him anything(though i think most parents say that!)...i thought he could buy himself a drink(or few!)when he was out next.his partner joan's family came along for a bit,and it was lovely to see them,though i'm not the greatest socialiser and am always happy to see guests go!!!i got to see my brothers and my beautiful niece and goddaughter jasmine.jasmine is such a pleasure to be around,we are all so lucky.she had everyone in stitches as she presented my dad with all his presents,literally one by one.i wish i had taken a video of it,as she would go back and forth from the giftbag my brother had brought with him,giving my dad his presents individually(including 6 packs of pork dad's not vegan as you can tell!)it was a really nice night,but i think we were all pretty tired and glad to go to bed at the end of the night!

(my dad and jasmine)^

we did something that we have only done once before,which is to go shopping around wolverhampton town centre.we both didn't have much look in the charity shops,though we did visit "fantasy attic" in this little secondhand shop we know of,where loads of horror and sci-fi films and memorabilia are other words,mikee's dream shop!though as mikee is selling all his film memorabilia(he wants to concentrate solely on the vhs and dvd side of it)he didn't end up buying much,just "razorblade smile" on dvd.i splurged in poundland on some awesome halloween decorations,and we both stocked up on good vegan food at the local health shops!yummy yummy.this was the first time i really did find wolverhampton pretty shit as a town to walk around.we just didn't really see a good side to it that day i guess.wolverhampton is of course in my heart,and still my hometown,but i think especially as my family all live outside the centre of it now,i just don't have any sentimental attachment to the city itself.
once we had popped back to get the boys we went for a walk in the local baggeridge park/reserve.i wanted us to have a walk around as i knew mikee would love it.but i think we were both pretty satisified to sit on the "highest point" and look at the beautiful view.on the way up there we tried to encourage bambi and bela to have a dip in the lake.bela wasn't keen but bambi went for it!he'd seen a feather in the middle of the lake and wanted to go get it,but we wouldn't let him,he's only a small doggy,and it was a big,dirty lake!besides there were dragonflies around which i hate,so i didn't want to be around there too long!we were proud of our adventerous papillon though!

it was lovely to see my mom,and i used the opportunity to try on my newly purchased dress from the charity shop near where she was a small size 10 so i knew it wouldn't fit.but i didn't think that i would quite literally get stuck in it!i was so close to calling mikee to ask him to come cut me out of the damn thing!but i sat down and wriggled around a bit and managed to release myself from the demon size 10 checkered dress!i was planning to diet a little anyway after the pregnancy query a few days ago.but to get small enough to fit that would mean dropping probably 2 dress sizes,and i don't think i need to lose that much!so i think i will sell it on ebay.which sucks as i adore the dress,it's so cute and the material is a cool nylon type mix!feels kinda crinkly!?anywho,once i was free from that drama,we all watched frasier for a bit and then mikee and i made a move.
friday night was just the four of us(mikee and me and the boys!) as joan had gone out and my dad had to stay at my nan's overnight(she is now too ill to be left alone,it's so sad).we visited my dad at my nan's for a good hour or so and then ehaded back to his where we had nice food and watched an old favourite film:"buster" starring the brilliant phil collins!totally a film from our childhoods(odd i guess as it is a grown up film!i guess our dad both made us watch it!)and pretty good even now!

visiting the local carboot sales filled a lot of saturday up,but i didn't appreciate the 6.30am start!it was mikee's idea so we didn't miss the bargains...i found lots!mikee didn't.maybe it was payback for the early start idea?!we love walking around the carboot sales,and when you find treasures for unbelievably cheap prices,well you can't beat the feeling!i will post later with pictures of my long weekend's finds!there was a tiny downer to the morning.i was looking at this woman at the carboot sale out in staffordshire,and i was thinking that i recognised her from somewhere...and then it came to me,as i then noticed the man she was with was looking at me pretty was my scumbag exes cousin and his wife and kids.eugh.i was worried that he would start something,and it was a very unwelcome reminder.luckily nothing happened.mikee always reassures me he can stick up for us,but i don't even want it to come to that!i hate no-one like i do my ex...and the same goes for his family.ick indeed.very shitty reminder of my past,but ah well,their problem i guess and not mine.i don't even know what they were doing was a long way from the hole that is tipton!anywho,after the carboot we headed back to my dad's as it was only 10am!we had a little breakfast and watched some tv with joan and our little monsters.joan then had work to go to and we popped back out to the afternoon carboot sale!i had arranged with my brother for us to go to his place to see him and his family(his wife and jasmine)at 4pm.well i was so tired and felt pretty ill so had a little lie down.(ok so mikee and i had also had an argument,so the time alone was much needed!).i didn't even think i would fall asleep...i woke up at 4.50pm,and mikee was lying next to me on the pullout bed,dead to the full of apologies i called my brother up to explain and apologise.we decided sunday would probably to best to try for the visit!i felt so guilty but it was a genuine i felt pretty ill too.the rest of the evening we spent just relaxing with my dad and joan at theirs,and then we popped out for a drink at the pub we have been to before,which is just outside wolverhampton city centre.they have live music there and it is generally a nice atmosphere.afterwards everyone was a little hungry and we popped to get some indian this time i felt really unwell,all my bones were aching and i knew i just needed,totally unlike me i went straight up to bed,while my dad,joan and mikee sat down eating their lovely food and watching buster(again!).but little bambi kept me company,while bela stayed downstairs scoffing any indian food that was given to him!

my dad looks super interested in what mikee has to say^

i woke up feeling pretty darn shitty again,but thought that i could probably have a go at getting tattooed!i was booked in with drew at 11am at painted lady tattoo again,to get some of the colour done on my feet.i lasted 40 minutes,no joke.even less than last time!i guess the combined pain with my feeling unwell just made it as unbearable as it was.i felt so shitty about it and couldn't stop apologising to drew...he was fine about it,but it didn't stop me feeling bad.we decided to just try similar length sessions each time until we're least the lion has his black and brown shading almost done!let me warn you...the feet hurt.every part of the foot you think would hurt does...i hate it!serious!
after that we headed back to wolverhampton to see my mom before it was time to head back to cardiff.the traffic from birmingham was awful and it took us about an hour and a half to do a half hour journey!but we had a lovely veggie carvery at the pub near my mom's and a nice chat:)after dropping my mom home we drove back to my dads,where we had a cup of tea,saw some of rocky with him(my dad loves the rocky films!)and then headed back to was an okay drive,but it's always sad to leave my family behind.i hope this changes someday.i love cardiff.but i need to see my family more.
we got back just after 8,did a quick clean of the flat(to make sure there were no fleas hiding anywhere!)and finally got to sit down and relax!phew!good weekend but tiring!

and now it's monday and i'm off work ill.i don't feel as bad as i did saturday but i just couldn't handle work today.oh well,work tomorrow i guess...

and here's some more photos!like you haven't seen more than enough!this weekend i managed to pull some stunning faces,take a look...oh wow,i'm so lame.


awkward/ugly big hair head pose^

now this one,i purposely did ugly for...thank god!!!!imagine if that was an accident...!^

you feel sorry for mikee?^

more photos to come....(i think this post is long enough!)


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