Wednesday, 2 September 2009


just before i woke up this morning...

it was all very detailed,but the part that upset me went like this:

in the dream i worked in some kind of pub/hotel.i was leaving early to go do a shift in my old job at "music zone"(how very random).while trying to find the manager to ask her permission to leave early,i saw that there was a "farmers market" by the bar.there were animals in cages,and also meat being sold.i saw some calves behind a perspex screen,and was looking at them thinking how beautiful they were and how could people kill them...i tried to take a photo with my camera phone.then suddenly after that,the calves were now pigs.i was looking at them thinking the same as i did with the calves,but one of the piglets turned to move,and i was shocked to see that his side was covered in tattoos!i drew the conclusion that someone had used him to practise on,and probably didn't use any anasthetic of any kind.i felt sick and shocked.before i left,one of the members of staff picked a piglet looked like the piglet had two heads.and i was appalled at how all the other staff were milling around and laughing and joking.i left the place and rang my mom,crying down the phone about what i had seen.

that was only part of my crazy was that?!and it genuinely upset me,it felt very's amazing how all little aspects of your thoughts/life can come together in a dream.i'm also thinking it could be down to me taking less medication,it tends to do that...eeeep.

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