Thursday, 3 September 2009

pennywell pigs and craft fairs!

well,it's thursday and it's raining an awful lot.apparently we are catching the tail end of a hurricane(or so i've heard)which explains why we've been having crazy big rain(chubby rain!anyone seen bowfinger?!)and the weather has been so on and off.sunny the one minute and hailing the next.but,i'm not complaining,i LOVE autumn and winter weather!sure i love summer,and going out to the park and things like that,but nothing beats the darker months for me!when mikee and i popped into town the other day,it had the feeling of autumn in the air,along with a slight felt so good...i can't explain it,but it feels like home to me.i love the dark,cosy nights and the chilly days too.i love having to wear a coat(and this year i MUST make the effort and get a super cosy winter one.don't get me wrong,i'm not tight with money,but i tend to make do with jackets rather than spending on a coat.but that is ust silly!)and wearing layers.i am actually feeling very excited about autumn and winter arriving!and this christmas(as mikee and i did not celebrate it last year,due to us just not feeling how it was when we were kids)i want to celebrate it old school!(not that i ever did much of the following when i was a child)i wanna make cookies and decorate the flat,i wanna buy and make gifts for everybody and i wanna watch films that feel like christmas to me,whether they mention christmas or not!i'm sure you know what i mean!(aka.childrens films!a few favourites...labyrinth,big,mrs.doubtfire,home alone...)i wanna take christmas card photos of bambi and bela and make cheesy-as-crap cards.and i may even do the 12 days of christmas present idea for my loved ones:)ah, i adore you.
(cue picture of cardiff in the winter,just by the museum)

today has been has been fairly busy,but with quiet and beth (the evening receptionist/admin assistant)have continued our discussion of the week,on the cuteness and wonder of miniature pigs...i'm so lame,i have just collected some google pictures of these piggys (pennywell pigs one breed is called,how cute!)and made a folder on the computer for beth to see when she takes over from me on reception tonight!

and to complete the post,onto the "craft fairs" part of the title.i have booked stall space at the west midlands vegan festival in wolverhampton on 24th october.i'm only having 3ft of space on a table,but i figured if i find some display unit thing i can make that space journals don't take up that much room!i got a VERY discounted price as i'm not a business as such,and anything i make is going to west midlands hunt sabs.i hope i sell some journals,but either way i'm hoping it will be fun!the organiser i emailed sounded so friendly and nice.hooray for lovely people!:D

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