Wednesday, 9 September 2009

queen gorgo wants to say hi

today i am tired.i am back-up all week for work,and normally that just involves being on the end of the phone incase the designated on-caller for the night needs a second opinion,or some advice.rarely do you have to go out,and especially not now as we have workers whose job it is to do that.but yes,i had to go out last i woke up from my nap minutes before i had the call to go out(at 8pm),and obviously it's all confidential,but let's just say i didn't get back til midnight.thankfully i had no more calls all night!so,i'm a little sleepy.
but i had my most recent ebay purchases come today:)i brought a cute little 60's dolly on a chain,but it had taken just over a week to arrive.the seller was so lovely and sent me another necklace to apologise,how sweet!and everything looked really cute the way she had wrapped it all up.and i got free stickers...oooh,you gotta love stickers!

i tried to get a picture of my necklace,but wouldn't think it could be so difficult to take a photo without looking through the lens.apparently for me,it is.

we've had to put a cone on bambi,as he is literally making his back legs so sore.he keeps itching and pulling at his fur with his teeth,so he is almost bald around his *ahem* male part,and his fur is so straggly on his legs.even the skin underneath looks scratched and sore.and it must be as he whimpers when we touch his back we used the cone bela had,in the hope that it stops him further hurting himself.mikee did it while i was at work,and when he came over to pick up his email package(yes,we live THAT close to where i work)with the boys,bambi had his cone on,his tail was wagging and he looked happy enough.and mikee said it didn't seem to bother him,which is good as i hate to see bam or bela sad.i'm determined to get bambi back to ship shape condition.if i have to hand-feed him meat,and put a cone on him,i will!he means the world to me and i am responsible for his wellbeing and happiness.

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  1. I love the necklace. My kitty had to wear a cone when I was little, she would keep bumping into the walls, lol. Hope you have a good work week :)