Wednesday, 25 November 2009

christmas is on it's way

and i have barely even thought about has been a good few years since i have made a huge effort for christmas,but i'm thinking i may well put up decorations this year.i'd quite like to make a fuss of it,because mikee and i have not celebrated christmas together before...well,not really anyway.

when i met him just over two years ago,we hadn't been together long at all by the time it was christmas.that christmas i was really naughty(to my famiy)and stayed in cardiff.looking back,i feel so guilty not seeing my family over makes me feel awful and the worst daughter in the see,i had a lot of shitty stuff going on in wolverhampton and i had not long been with mikee,so all that culminated in me spending almost a week in cardiff over christmas.we decorated mikee's room in his and joel's flat,as if it was halloween.i even zombied it up...mikee did not,spoilsport!

the christmas after that,i did go home,but mikee stayed in his(then)home,which was a warehouse he and joel were looking to convert into practice rooms/a place for them to live.bela stayed with mikee,and bambi came with me.not quite sure why i 'allowed' that...i think it was because i tend not to take both of the boys on the okay.i did miss mikee and bela,but it felt right to be with my family.

this christmas,i will be in wolverhampton again,and i',m hoping mikee will be with me...but we shall see!but i am certain i will be taking bambi and bela,they seemed a little out of sorts being apart last time!

but back onto christmas fast approaching...i have no idea what presents i need to buy and i haven't started looking yet!one good thing about having only a couple of close friends means that i don't have many presents to buy,,but seriously,i'm not like that!i would be honoured to have more friends to buy for!i'm not even sure what to get mikee yet...either a large present (maybe a piece of equipment he needs for his PA business),or lots of little presents i think...?

i was asked earlier what i wanted for christmas,by a work colleague.both my parents have said they will give me a little money to go towards my driving lessons,which will be greatly appreciated!besides that,there's not a huge amount i need or want...mikee did say he might buy me some gifts from paperchase(the new store in cardiff blew me away when we had a look in there last week!),and some crafting materials from hobbycraft.i don't even mind,my gift would be if mikee would be with me on the day,though i do understand that his family are here and he has his responsibilities to visit also!i'm sure we will figure it out somehow!


  1. I already have your present all picked out :) xxx

  2. I can see you're really in between. I'll help you with the present stuff. If I was to buy my girlfriend a present, then I would by the thing she needs the most, that is, if I can afford it, if not, then I'll go for the smaller presents.

    Now, you and Mikee can arrange to go to either of your parents this year and then to the other's parent next year. That what I would do if my parents were in the Netherlands.

    I think you can work things out with Mikee if you really talked about it with him.