Tuesday, 22 December 2009


i've been feeling really listless the past few days.i think it may be because i have literally been like a slug and not done anything creative.i felt i needed a little break after the last fair.but i think,when i get back from my hometown,i need to kick back into 'creating' again.i think my brain is turning into mush.possibly.

i'm also feeling miffed about the upcoming christmas festivities.mainly because it means 5 days away from my own surroundings and doglets.and of course i will miss mikee too,but i know he will most likely be busy anywho.i go to wolverhampton tomorrow and return to cardiff on sunday.this is a loooong time for me.yes,it will be good to see my family.but i need my space.and i don't get it when back in wolves.and because i'm not driving yet i end up being kinda stranded in my family's homes.i have to rely on lifts from various family members,which in turn makes me feel a little claustrophobic.but it's gotta be done,because it's christmas.

and i'm also in a funk because i'm broke.as always,as usual and as ever.where on earth does my money go?!i don't go out to clubs or pubs,i rarely buy clothes etc. and i don't have a hugeeee lot of bills to pay,just about average i guess.but yeah,i have around £120 to last me until january the 15th.how?!yes,i've spent money on presents and gifts.but besides that and my usual outgoings,i have only spent an additional £80,which is my deposit for my tattoo next month.i am not really a money orientated person at all,especially as a lot of my beliefs are quite anarchistic.but i do work full-time hours,so i don't expect to be broke all the time.it does bug the hell out of me.i'd just like to be a little more comfy where money and spending is concerned,but my funds don't really allow for that.which is a shame,as christmas would be the ideal time to have the cash to go out for drinks and meals.meh.

besides all these little complaints,it is nice to be off work for a few weeks and just chill!i turn 26 in a couple of weeks,which is weird because i don't feel 26!i'm not too fussed on birthdays but seen as i am a twin it is necessary for me to make some effort...i can't not get my twin brother a present!

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