Saturday, 19 December 2009

christmas at work

yesterday was secret santa at work,and also the christmas meal on the evening.

i picked out one of the refuge workers called non for my secret santa.non really likes horses,and i did find an awesomely appropriate (but rather tacky!) make-up bag at tk maxx,decorated with scenes of horse riding.but the budget for everyone's gifts was £5 each,and this was over double the amount.that sucked.but i did manage to get her a couple of cute gifts: a pass/card wallet from paperchase (decorated in a black and white baroque pattern),and a pack of two mini notebooks,also from paperchase.i saw her open them (obviously she didn't know i'd brought them for her!) and she seemed to like them.i always dread that someone is not gonna like the presents i get them,that would be kinda embarassing!

my secret santa gift was a really cute little box of doggy cookie-cutters and a mini recipe book!it really made me giggle,and i was touched that someone would put so much thought into what to get me!i'm gonna have to try bake these cookies for the boys...though i may have to replace the meat in the ingredients!i mean,we feed bambi and bela standard dog food,but to bake with meat creeps me out.i've always said that bambi and bela can't tell us whether they want meat or not,which is why we just go with the 'obvious' option and give them meat.they seem to enjoy it the most,and it just wouldn't sit right with me to restrict their diets.not when they quite literally have no say!though don't get me wrong,they do love vegan foods...vegan spread on toast is one of their favourites,tehe!

so after that little treat at work in the daytime,we also had our work christmas meal in the evening.these kinds of things are usually not my cup of tea,but i do get on with a lot of staff at work,so i thought i should make the effort!besides,i don't go out enough as it is!

the meal was at a nice little bar/restaurant called the promised land,in cardiff city centre.the food was yummy,and i was very impressed by the vegan menu.the starter was mushroom risotto,the main was chickpea and sweet potato tangine with roast vegetables (weird combination but i LOVE roast veg so i didn't mind!) and the dessert was vegan chocolate mousse with,i did say i was impressed by the menu.the dessert was not one of the impressive factors,seriously.everyone who had it,left was so bitter,and the mousse was almost rock could turn the glass upside down (that it came in) and the mousse wouldn't budge.most people that had chosen it for dessert ate the raspberries on top...but not the rest.the dessert certainly wouldn't help convert anyone to veganism!eugh.

a few of us left around 10pm,and i think most left not long was a good night,and it was nice to be fed(!) but i was pretty happy to get back to the boys!i didn't get any photos,apart from a not great one of my new shoes...

i'm loving the geek look even more than usual lately.

and seen as i'm posting pictures,here's a couple of random photos from the last few days...

lazer eyes!try again...

i go through phases with food and drink...this is my current obsession.i don't really like coca-cola for ethical reasons...but i'm being naughty at the moment and indulging in their cherry coke.eeep.


  1. I love your shoes. And I want to see your little biscuits, when you make them! What a good idea.

    I always just pour a little vanilla extract into Diet Coke. Um, or rum.

  2. Seems like you having some great moments and that's good to know. I see you give a lot gifts and you seem to be a woman with a very big heart. Keep up the good job and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas

  3. It sounds like Christmas is really going your way this year. This makes me happy. Also your geeky shoes are cute and cherry coke sounds delicious!

  4. aw,thank you dorian!you never fail to make me smile little lady!

    m.i hope you have a wonderful christmas also.i know it's gonna be another tough one for you,but i hope you still find a little joy in it:)

    and missus whisperer...rum and coke...good idea!i love malibu and coke<3

  5. i love your shoes! don't think i could pull them off, but i adore them nonetheless. also...everyone needs their guilty little pleasures...and if cherry coke is be it :).