Wednesday, 16 December 2009

i heart american people

well,y'know,the cool ones.i've always preferred american books and american films.i find that american women around the same age as me,seem to have such a sense of fun and traditions...traditions in the sense of they have 'date nights' with their boyfriends/girlfriends,dinners with their friends and family,things like that.i'm not saying i hate being english,or british people...but i do think that american's have a slightly more fun outlook on things.i think us british gals could definitely benefit from a little bit of americanisation.maybe we already are with our blogs?i know i pick up little sayings and words from blogs written by my favourite american the word 'super'.as in,it was 'super fun'.i love the word super,and using it as much as i can.


  1. i dont even notice saying it. i thought everyone used super! i need to get out euro trip..someday.

  2. If you think that british gals are less fun than Americans, then Dutch girls are worst. No sense of tradition and there fun is going out with friends and drinking till they can't drink no more. Few or no dinners with boyfriend/girlfried.

    Anyway, I think everyone can be who or what they want to be. So, you can be traditional and fun. Its a choice!

  3. As an American girl I'd like to thank you for giving us all props! All girls should have date nights and girls nights! Hope you can get it going across the pond! Great blog!


  4. Where were you when I lived in London?? I felt like everybody hated me because I was American! Well... that was probably because my boyfriend told me to call everyone wankers and I didn't know what that meant, so I did. Haha yeah, in retrospect, that's probably what did it. But you're super sweet to say such nice things! :)

  5. ehehehe,that made me giggle about your boyfriend!
    i do love you american girls though,you seem so full of fun,and you're all so damn cute!xxx