Saturday, 9 January 2010

bambi looking out at the snow!

so frosty and slippery,heading into town!(that's mikee in front,i was lagging behind clinging onto a rail near the road!)it has been so cold and frosty,just before i took this photo,mikee had to help a woman up off the pavement,it was so slippy she couldn't find any grip to get up,so she was just sliding along bless her!

snowy view from one of our front windows...pretty!

i love these two photos!bela poked his tongue out on both attempts,and bambi looks so right in this hat!especially with his mane,he looks all russian and regal!


  1. Aw--I love slippery snow! That is, when I don't fall. Today was not one of those days. Sabin saw a dog down the street, and took off, pulling me to my knees and dragging me all the way across the yard. My boots were super full of snow.

    Your pups look so cute! Especially in that little hat!

  2. Slippery snow scares me, lol. Cute pics, love your doggie!

  3. aw no stephanie!that sounds kinda painful!but i know what you mean (in your blog) it is hard to stay mad when they're so cute!

    bug <3