Saturday, 2 January 2010

first update of 2010

i haven't been blogging a lot lately,and that is mainly due to being ill.which sucks.i've had an ear infection for months now,but i think as i have eczema in my ears also,this makes it hard to shift.anywho,not long after christmas i finally went to the doctors and got a prescription for some antibiotics and ear drops.(nb.i feel shitty taking antibiotics as it goes against my vegan beliefs,it would be very naive of me to think the ingredients hadn't been animal tested at some point.i'm hoping once this infection is sorted,i won't need to take antibiotics for a while.)the antibiotics have pretty much knocked me out!i have felt so ill and had severe stomach pains,as well as loss of hearing from my ears swelling are meant to stop taking the antibiotics if they're causing you discomfort,but the yucky feelings seem to wear off after a couple of hours.and besides,the last lot of medication i had to stop for the same reason.i just wanna be rid of this damn ear infection/eczema already!my ears are constantly blocked,so it feels as if i'm underwater a lot of the time!except i'm not wet,obviously.the doctor told me to book in for two weeks time,so we can see if this eczema needs long term treatment.
with feeling ill and generally being broke(shouldn't i have more money after christmas not less?!especially when i was given a little money instead of gifts?!),i haven't been up to a huge amount.but mikee has been at home a lot,as the PA hire/sound engineering business is pretty quiet at this time of is less money which means a bit more of a struggle,but i've definitely enjoyed him being here more!when we're both working we don't see a huge amount of each other.either on my lunch hour,or when he gets home after 12am!
new year was pretty uneventful,but i'm not into new year at all anyway!i've never had an awesome new years eve,i've maybe been out once in my life on new years eve,and most years i've been on my own.sounds really sad but it's not really,because i don't like new years much.and nothing's really tempted me to go out before!anyway,mikee and i stayed in,of course with our boys,bambi and bela.i can't think of a better way to spend new our cosy home, i'm not complaining!
i have another week off before i go back to work...almost 3 weeks of annual leave had to be used before march 2010 so it's all been lumped together over the christmas and new year period,which is fine by me!it's my 26th birthday on monday,so it's nice i don't have to go to work.
and in a couple of weeks,sam and i are going to london!i'm having more added to my chestpiece by the amazing saira hunjan,who did my chestpiece originally around 2005 ish (the mirrored cherries were by another artist).i can't wait!i love her work!she's known as being the tattoo artist of kate moss.mind you,i can't really say that interests me much!saira is an amazing artist though and i already feel so proud to wear work by her.
(some examples of her work:)

and it'll be nice to see sam,i haven't seen her in aaaages!hopefully that will change this year,and also when i eventually pass my driving test.i can drive over to friends' when i have wheels,i can't wait!


  1. I feel sad after hearing about your ear infection. I hope you get well soon. I think you should continue the medicine or see your doctor again soon.

    So, you're getting a new tatoo? Can't wait to see it ;)

  2. dont be poorly, be maria!

    cant wait! what are you getting, you havent told me!x

  3. i'm getting my chestpiece added to...probably a locket above the centrepiece,and some beading etc.just really ornamental,kinda just leaving it to saira!x