Friday, 15 January 2010

my first question!

what inspires you on a daily basis?

oooh,so much!i get very inspired by other crafty and artistic people who are doing well with their particular venture/business,it makes me so eager to succeed and perhaps even make a living out of being 'crafty'.i love so many things,it is hard to pinpoint,so here's a list of just some of the things i love,which in turn inspire me...

tattoos.baroque.ornate frames.childrens stories.dolls.veganism.old medical diagrams and words.films.gothic decorations and stories.animals.fabrics and ribbons.alice in wonderland.little red riding ryden.edward gorey.marion peck.eckel (tattooist).dia de los muertes.hairbows.fruits and japanese street culture.traditional japanese culture.courtesans,maiko and yet creepy.big extensions.giftwrap.scrapbooks.vintage.brothers grimm.

wow,i can't even get anywhere near listing all my influences!there are so many amazing things to see and do in daily life.i guess if it catches my eye,it must somehow get stored in my head and eventually creep back out into my crafts/art one way or another!

thank you for the question anyway! xxx

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    To be sincere I haven't been following your blog for sometime now and that's because as I said before, I'm having problems reading the text and therefore find it difficult to leave any comment without having read the blog.

    I didn't read this blog either and hope you forgive me for that.