Tuesday, 12 January 2010


my driving lesson didn't go great tonight.i could just not get the hang of my manouevres,my foot keeps slipping really far up the clutch pedal,which makes it really uncomfortable.and it's really distracting!i think maybe i'm sitting too close to the wheel again.either that,or i'm just an idiot.i think i just need to relax,i'm psyching myself out lately with my driving,and this is what happens when i do.anxiety.and not great driving.

don't get me wrong,i haven't had a bad day.i went back to work after a few weeks annual leave (holiday time),and although it sucked not being able to sleep in late and NOT work,it was also quite nice to get back to reality.it was pretty busy at work,which is good.and i had a few treats to go back to.a birthday card signed by all the staff <3,the human hair extensions i ordered a few weeks back (and stupidly didn't change the delivery address,forgetting i wouldn't be at work for weeks!),and some amazing stickers one of the managers brought me from her holiday in korea!they are so awesome and so cute...they make me giggle!

so today has been back to work and back to driving...i'm on-call tomorrow evening,i don't think any of us staff enjoy our monthly shift.i hope it's quiet,though you never can tell.you might get over 10 calls,you may not get any...it's impossible to predict!

i have a few things going on which are keeping me busy,as well as work.i'm trying to book the place my work had their christmas meal at (the promised land,in cardiff city) to host a sellers fair.i've never organised one of these before,but it's super exciting!i also have things to make for the next fashionable af'fayre in newport...as well as carry on making stock for my folksy store.i love to be busy,there's nothing quite as satisfying!

oh,and earlier i watched inglorious basterds finally.i'm not keen on quentin tarantino.his films are okay,but i'm not that fussed.however i bloody loved this film!i have to say,brad pitt stole the show!and i am totally in love with different languages and subtitles...it's so intriguing and beautiful to me.

i'm off to bed right now,i knew i'd be tired out tonight,seems like ages since i've worked,hehe.night night all.

and don't forget to enter my giveaway (a few posts back)...the draw is a week today (monday).


  1. Aw--I'm sorry about the driving!! It took me a little but to get used to it! Luckily my older sister started me off waaaaay younger than she was supposed to!

    I'm glad you had a good rest of your day, though!

  2. eeee stickers! ^_^

    and i could bite your bum! IB was awesome and how many times did I try and get you to come see it with me? :P

    tut tut 'Ria x

  3. hahaha,bite my bum?!hehe:D

    thank you stephanie,think maybe i could do with somebody willing to let me practice in their car!mind you,i lie,i could practice in mikee's car,but it's old and clunky...i'm worried practising in that will psyche me out even more!x