Saturday, 23 January 2010

saturday saturday

i like saturdays!especially since i changed to my awesome driving instructor (don),therefore meaning i don't have lessons on a weekend (like my old crappy instructor preferred).i used to really dislike having to work around my 2 hour lesson,which could be any random time in the day.

we got up a little earlier than usual,but it was still after 11am.we never used to sleep in so late.we do now.i guess it's because we rarely go to bed until after 12am.mikee even more so.he's a bit of a night owl,being a sound engineer and working evenings.

firstly we had a walk up to albany road,where all the charity shops are.we haven't done this for months!we used to go charity shop shopping (that always sounds wrong!)every weekend,and any other time we could inbetween.but i think we overdid it,and haven't done it for a while be honest we didn't have much luck today.i was mainly looking for things i could use in my crafting,but no joy unfortunately.mikee brought a cheap microphone (always comes in handy for his engineering gigs)but it didn't work.luckily it was only £1.50!i didn't find anything for crafting,but i came away with a few books!not good really,as i already have a small pile to work through.i've been stuck on skin trade for aaaages (by laurell k.hamilton)'s a good book but it's written in such a way that i find it difficult to get into.i'm determined to finish it though!i'm very slowly getting there!i'm normally a super fast reader,but most of my leisure time,okay,all of it,is dedicated to dolly dearest right now.

i finally decided to give the sookie stackhouse novels a try,as i found two almost new sookie stackhouse books in the charity shop.i'm not into the tv series at all,without sounding like a prude,it's a little raunchy for me...and i guess that's not really what interests me about vampires and such!but i may change my mind after reading the books.they haven't interested me before but i had a read of the backs in the shop,and actually found myself wanting to give them a try.
i also got life after god by douglas coupland,and the diving bell and the butterfly which is the memoir of french elle magazine editor jean-dominique bauby,who at the age of 43 suffered a massive stroke and developed locked-in syndrome.which means his brain and mind are active,but his body is totally paralysed,apart from his left eyelid.i've wanted to see the film for a while,so i think i may read the book and then watch the film.looks very sad,but also inspiring.

after we had walked around albany road,we walked into town,as i needed to get a few bits and pieces for the notebooks i am working is always so busy on a saturday,so it was lovely to get home and relax.
i decided to have my normal fringe today,and make a little more effort with my make-up!

i love the way bambi is looking at the camera!


  1. The Sookie books are better than the show, they are a little bit raunchy but not as bad. I love Douglas Coupland, Miss Wyoming is my favourite, have you read it?

  2. I think that the Sookie books are totally boring. They are crazy fast reads and really (for me!) it's just a bunch of dialog in Sookie's head. It was worth reading the collection for the experience I suppose but really- I prefer the adaptation that was made with True Blood much better.

    p.s. You look really pretty in that photograph!

  3. i love you with the fat fringe ♥

    your chest looks so pretty x

  4. you look too cute! What books did you get? I can only make out the top one!

  5. stephanie-i got the first two sookie stackhouse books,life after god by douglas coupland and the diving bell and the butterfly:)

    sarah - i haven't read miss wyoming...should i give it a go?:D

    thanks for the compliments lovely ladies!the little bit of short hair really bugs me though,hehe.

  6. I've seen The Diving Bell and the Butterfly but I still need to read it. His narration really makes you feel his frustration. It must have been absolutely maddening; that would be the most hopeless-feeling situation I can imagine.

  7. Oooh I'll have to get the film Ria cos I really wanna see it!

    Oh and I'm kidnapping you to come to Jacob's market with me when I get paid on Friday. You free this saturday?xxx

  8. It's definately worth a read!