Monday, 22 February 2010

Busy busy dolly.

My fayre is coming up this Saturday, I'm super excited and also really hopeful that it is busy! Fingers crossed!

So this week is busy busy getting my stock ready for the fair, as my own Dolly Dearest will be having a stall there (it's kinda the main point of hosting a fair in Cardiff! But obviously it's to help out the other crafty people too... and have an awesome shopping fair in Cardiff city centre to attend, as there are no others). I rarely show pictures of my new creations (that sounds overly grand!) but I was pleased with a few of the journals I did last night, so thought that I would put them in this post!

The cute bear patch was actually brought off the Moonbear table at the Birmingham Cruelty-Free Xmas Fair I sold at, all money they make goes towards this amazing cause:

I am super excited about two parcels I am waiting for! The first is 250 personalised Dolly Dearest business cards I ordered, along with a free tote bag (with the logo on) and a swanky little business card holder. Hehe, I'm not much into the film, but that just made me think of the business card scene in American Psycho.
The second is a large order of cameos and brooch/necklace settings from Canada. I spent around £80 on supplies from an amazing jewellery supplies site, and can't wait to start making! I haven't done this kind of jewellery before, but the supplies I have brought are so pretty and I've not seen a lot of them around before! I love getting parcels!

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  1. weeeeeeeeee Allison! ♥

    So excited for Saturday! Not excited about all the baking though haha!xxx