Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Day #13 - A fictional book.

This one is quite a vague one... What about a fictional book?!

Anyway, I thought I would choose a book that I own, really want to read and think is awesome. Except I haven't read it yet, as I find it just so hard to get into! The writing is very unique and I'm sure once I get into it, I will be just as impressed as everyone else (it's quite the cult book), but I just don't find it the easiest book to pick up and read!

I heard of this book, as one of my favourite bands of all time is named after the main character/storyteller: Johnny Truant. Strangely not long after I found that out, I came across the actual book in a charity shop. It's a big heavy book, and I was so excited to have come across it!

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  1. Davie has read this book and he told me it was really great and creepy and haunting and all that good stuff. I tried to read it also and only managed a couple of pages in. It is a very hard book but it is something I am interested in finishing myself.