Wednesday, 17 February 2010

formspring me!

do you want children and when?

Oooh, this is an interesting one!

I would definitely like children someday, maybe in my early thirties, if not a little earlier. I know I'm definitely not ready yet, I have so much more growing up to do (I can't believe I'm 26 and that I'm officially an adult!) and I just don't want that responsibilty yet.

Without getting all deep and dramatic, I will be totally honest and say I'm not sure if i even can have children. When I had anorexia (back when I was 15), the doctor did tell me that I had caused such harm to my body's development that I may have trouble conceiving in the future. It definitely had a big effect, as I actually had to go on the contraceptive pill to bring on my periods when I was 18. I guess it's also largely why I have a 'petite' figure, and am not busty at all!!!!

* Sorry if I gave way too much detail there, but I feel it is always good to be honest, and who knows, someone else may read this who is/could be in the same boat.


  1. Being honest is a good thing! I was told I may have some trouble having children also. Hopefully luck will be on both of our sides when the time comes!

  2. Fingers crossed we get to have our own little spawn one day! (Not 'our' as in me and you, hehe, though I guess our children would be 1. miracle babies and 2. pretty cool looking!) x