Tuesday, 16 February 2010


How did you meet little Sam?

Ah, this is a nice question! I met Sam like I meet most people... on the internet! Does this make me lame? I don't care if it does anyway!
I had known of Sam for a while, as she is a good friend of a girl called Luce, who I know through Myspace. I added her on there and then deleted her... and then probably repeated it. I never mneant it personally, I just used to go on deleting sprees of people I didn't talk to! I'm silly, I know! Looking back I don't know why I didn't think it could insult people... I guess I assumed people weren't that bothered about being on my Myspace friends!
Anyway, not long after, I noticed Sam talking to my boyfriend Mikee, and I also noticed she was on my friends friends lists... and I started to wonder what her problem was! (Stupid I know, as I was 'little miss deletey'!)
Anyway, not one to leave something like that, I tried to add her, and was denied. Hmmm, I really didn't understand it! So I decided to message her and ask if I'd offended her in some way... which is how I came to realise I had by deleting and adding her again! I don't blame her to be honest, but I'd never meant it personally!
So, we chatted online quite a bit and (I can't remember whose idea it was?) eventually met up. And she was freakin' awesome! I really enjoyed the time we spent together, we seemed so alike, I couldn't believe how much we'd misunderstood each other!
It made me realise too that there's a lot to be said for just coming out with it when you think something's up... I'm so glad I messaged Sam, otherwise we would never have got chatting and hit it off!
We tend to see each other once a week and always have a fab time. We're both very similar and enjoy staying in and watching films, tattoos, and animals. We are also both Vegan and Sam is an amazing Vegan baker/cook!
I count her as my best friend (as well as my other bestie, Saffy) and wouldn't be without her!

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  1. awww we were such bitches! (still are haha!)

    love you miss! wouldnt be without you for the world! xxx

  2. Aw, that's a cute story (I'm the one who asked that, actually)! And really funny. You bitches, haha.

  3. Sam - But now we bitch together, hehe. I love you too Enid!

    Cat Whisperer - Thank you for asking! I loved how you said 'little Sam'! Cute!<3

  4. I know! coralene, i'm like a freaking whale, no 'little' about me! :P x