Friday, 26 February 2010

Recommended watching.

Nick Broomfield's early documentary Tattooed Tears. I found it really interesting, although harrowing. I also found some of the prison guards to be totally wrong in how they treated the inmates (ie. fellow human beings), had they never heard of showing people respect? I also recommend Nick Broomfield's two documentaries on Aileen Wuornos. Obviously without a doubt, what she did was awful (killing 7 men), but to see Nick's interviews with her and to hear all about the case, it seems clear that Aileen had a terrible upbringing and a horrendous life generally. This does not justify her actions, but it does give you some things to think over. The way the American 'Justice' system failed her too, you can't help but feel a little (if just a minute) bit of feeling for her.

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