Sunday, 28 February 2010


...Was amazing! In fact I am still so exhausted from it that I am just posting photos, as I just can't be using my brain too hard right now in describing the day! Let's just say, it went well and I had a brilliant time! I was given so much stuff!
My late Christmas and Birthday presents from Saffy (so many gifts, and all amazing! That girl knows me so well!)

Lots of (vegan and glittery!) cake, homemade quiche and gifts from my vegan fair buddy Heidi who came to visit all the way from Coventry, England (not far from my hometown... still find it weird saying 'England' as it's only a couple of hours drive from Cardiff!).Heidi is awesome... and a fellow Twilight fan! She has flights booked to go to Seattle and Forks soon!

And yummy cakes galore from Sam! (Who hosted her own wonderful stall!) I didn't get a picture unfortunately, as once Sam gives me cake I eat it... fast!

I love these three... and to have them all in one place was so lovely and so much fun... I'm so lucky!

Afterwards, some of us went to Wok to Walk... Kev, Sam, Heidi, Mikee and I. I haven't been to Wok to Walk for ages, and it was nice to eat out with friends... a rare occurence for me!

The bit where the camera goes 'up'?! Where I nearly fell off the edge of the bench (you can hear Kev and I laugh hysterically).


  1. haha aww you did your excited puppy squeal :) x

  2. ha the little squeal is really cute.

  3. is a cute squeal!
    nomnom noodles!

    the fair looked like a goody, wish I could have come - I'm gonna look up how long it would take me to train it down for the next one fo' sho!