Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Wolfman... Grrrrrr!

Last night, I managed to get Sam and I free tickets for the special preview screening of The Wolfman, starring Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. It was at 10.30pm, which Sam and I both agreed is way too late! It's bad enough that we had to drag our little nana selves out in the cold night, let alone so late! Haha, we rule for being so old ladylike!
Anyway, my verdict on the film? Hmmm, well it was okay. I liked the wolfy appearance of Benicio, it seemed quite true to the original Lon Chaney Jr, who I love. And it goes without saying I liked the creepy gothicness of the scenery, costumes and overall film. But besides that, I found it all a little dull, and was looking forward to it finishing. So, would I recommend it? If it's a free showing sure, if not... Well, maybe?!

* I really like the 1941 original... The fact that it's a horror film but black and white is awesome! My mom loves any black and white film so it brought back memories of watching old classics such as Rebecca and Great Expectations on a Saturday afternoon when we were younger. Except this had a wolfman in it. Random fact (or shinfo as i like to call it, inspired by the awesome band Every Time I Die... it means 'shitty info', ie. stuff you really don't need to know!): Mikee brought me The Wolfman (original) on VHS when he visited San Francisco in late 2008.

Anywho, here's a couple of pictures of Sam and I in Cineworld's toilets... nice and classy, just like us.


  1. Love love love love Sam's coat-where does it come from? Do tell...i love the pics.

  2. sams coat was from a newlook or somewhere like that? I had to slay dragons trying to find that with her and nothing! pesky darn coat *shakes fist*

    think she managed to get one from the catalogue though=]

  3. I think it was Next... I know she found it pretty darn difficult to find!

  4. you guys are too adorable! i love that you are such good friends and i read both your blogs. and i know maria at least is following one of my best friends, robyn (who coincidentally won your giveaway! i wanted that sock monkey and will likely find a way to steal it from her....) and you live all the way over in britain (hope that is correct! lol geography is hard.) and we live over in canada. love the worldly relations!! thanks blogger.

  5. It is cool isn't it? I too love that you and Robyn are 'real life' friends, it makes the blogger world seem a lot more real! xxx