Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Books that made me into a worm.

Bookworm that is. Get it?! Hmmm.

Ever since the lovely Danielle mentioned the books she used to read before/during her teens, I have been thinking back to the time when I used to read all the time. And I really mean all the time. So, seen as I've posted a couple of reminiscent posts tonight, here's another one, with the books I loved as a kid.


I loved her books, but Paula Danziger just bugged me. I mean, no offense to her, I'm sure she's lovely... but she just used to repel me with her 'wacky' larger than life image.

Wow... seriously. these books made me who I am. The TV series... I liked it, but it was never the same.

I loved Point Horrors so much...I remember how exciting it was to buy a book, and my dad brought me one once when we had gone up town on a Saturday (not long after my parents' divorce I think) and it was like £1.99 or something. If only books were so cheap now! I read some just plain Point. books, but Point Horrors were my favourite.

I really loved the Judy Blume books and remember the big fuss about Forever being a bit, sexual, but I wasn't too into the book (once I scanned for the 'rude' parts of course... I always did that but in an innocent way I guess!).

I much preferred Judy's more usual theme of stories. Much more my thing, yes.


  1. i loved judy blume and the sweet valley high favorite was The Curse of The Ruby Necklace

  2. Babysitter's club and Sweet Valley High, holy memories! <3

  3. weeeeeee! I've still got all my point horrors and goosebumps books! let me know if you wanna borrow and reminisce x

  4. I've read all of those. I loved the Pistachio Prescription and Sweet Valley!

  5. Love all of those, except for Pistachio Prescription, which I have never read. I even tried to start my own BSC, haha. How lame!!