Monday, 15 March 2010

Day #30 - Whatever tickles my fancy.

So my lovely vegan fair buddy Heidi, is coming down for the weekend in a couple of weeks (yay!) and we are going out on Saturday evening for a mutual friends birthday (Lewis, who was also my flatmate/housemate a little while ago). It is fancy dress, and Heidi and I were trying to think of what we could go as. Lewis actually came up with the cool idea of going as the twins from The Shining. And this reminded me how amazing The Shining is. It's an absolute masterpiece, and anything Jack Nicholson is in is usually awesome (except Wolf, haha).

I also really love 30 Seconds to Mars' interpretation of it for their video of 'The Kill' (I do love 30STM though the new stuff hasn't really floated my boat just yet!)


  1. i used to have a monster crush on jarred leto when i was like 8 because he was on my so called life and i liked the reruns a lot

  2. what a fucking awesome idea! :O xxx