Thursday, 11 March 2010

Day #27 - My month, in great detail

I have to be honest, I think this day's 'task' is a bit lame! It's almost impossible to outline a random month, and in detail!

But just so I have something to put for this one, here's a very brief and random calendar if you will, of what I aim to do each month! I just don't plan that far ahead!

Driving lesson once a week.

A Fashionable Af'Fayre at Le Pub, Newport - First Saturday of each month.
Northcote Lane Market at Milgis bar - First Sunday of each month.
Vintage Pretty Fayre - Saturday towards the end of the month.

Visit my family at least once a month in Wolverhampton. This is nowhere near enough though, and I'm hoping once I drive I will see them a lot more.

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