Saturday, 6 March 2010

Easy as A - Z

A: Age - 26 (and Sam thinks she's ancient!)

B: Bed Size - Double, but our bed is horrible. I still have my bed fund (ie. any spare money I have is going towards my dream bed).

C: Chore you hate - Vacuuming.

D: Dog's name - Bambi Von Papillon and Bela Lugosi. Bam and Bela for short :)

E: Essential start your day item - Hair extensions!

F: Favorite color - Black.

G: Gold or Silver - Gold! (Though you can't beat a bit of silver!)

H: Height - 5'2-3ish.

I: Instruments you play - I attempted bass when I was younger... but gave up. I didn't like my guitar teacher, he was scary.

J: Job title - Receptionist

K: Kid(s) - Hopefully some day.

L: Living arrangements - Live in central Cardiff with Mr. Junko, Bam and Bela.

M: Mom's name - Jane (Middle name is Maria, whereas I am Maria and my middle name is Jane. When I was younger, I thought my mom had copied my name for her middle name. I'm so dumb, never occurred to me it would be the other way round, seen as my mom was born, and therefore named, before me. Duh!)

N: Nickname - Don't really have one.

O: Overnight hospital stay - Not hospital, but clinic... yes (5 months to be exact, haha).

P: Pet peeve - Ignorance. The root of most problems.

Q: Quote from a movie - Pretty much anything from Garden State... or one that makes my heart skip a beat from Twilight/New Moon (there's a lot of them, believe me). One of my favourites is: (Edward to Bella) "You don't know how long I've waited for you".

R: Right or left handed - Right.

S: Siblings - Twin brother, older brother.

T: Time you wake up - 8.45am-ish on weekdays (only takes me 10 minutes to get ready for work, and a minute to get there seen as I live just across the road!)

U: Underwear - Black and simple.

V: Vegetable you dislike - Courgette... clammy cucumbers *shudder*

X: X-rays you've had - Teeth, hand/wrist... not sure what else (if any)?

Y: Yummy food you make - Any food I make I find yummy.

Z: Zoo animal you like: None (they'd be better out in the wild as intended... though obviously it depends what the threat in their natural habitat is).

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