Saturday, 6 March 2010

Eric Northman

In the books. In the TV series. Even in Lady Gaga videos... yuss. That is all.

* It took me until just the other day to realise Alexander Skarsgard (aka. Eric) was in this video, despite the fact that I have been watching this video since it came out as i love it! So not only is the director of the video awesome (Jonas Ackerlund, who also did some of the Pumpkins' videos),the song is brilliant and I quite like Lady Gaga... but yummy Alexander is in it too. Major win right there I think!


  1. it's a hard life for gaga, getting to smooch beautiful men

    poor dear!

  2. he's also in an awesome mini series called Generation Kill about the US Marines. I don't normally get into that stuff, but holy shit, hotness.

  3. I really like him with the eye-patch.