Thursday, 11 March 2010

Gossip girls.

I met up with one of my bestest friends ever (I know, I can be so childish!) Saffy last night, to celebrate her 21st birthday which is today. 21! Sometimes I can't believe there's 5 years difference between us! I love her to bits though, and we always have such fun and some awesome gossipy chats!

Anyway we had a drink and a Chickpea and Sweet Potato curry (vegan) at The Gatekeeper pub up town. I gave Saffy her presents (most of these were handmade, but the brought one I forgot to get a picture of! It was a huge ornate/baroque frame in lilac, from the amazing-frames-and-homeware-stockists Tk Maxx!) She seemed really pleased with them, which was nice to see!

Handmade with love for my Saffy!

The first little owly I have ever made! With added vanilla essence inside so it smells lovely!

A little haircomb I put together...

Cameo! Saffy said it's me and her ;)

Birfday box!

Honestly, I did not even consider the Twilight reference until after I'd done this... truthfully!

Tattooed lady journal.

Saffy and I love Johnny (and Elvis)!

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