Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mornin' Lovelies

First of all, apologies for the lack of blogging lately! I'm either super busy, or super tired. It's getting me down lately how I always feel so listless and have no energy... I think it must be the medication I'm on (just one of the many reasons I'll be glad to be rid of the damn pills!). I also need to catch up on my blogging, so I think I will need to try do that today... over a cuppa and some bourbons I think!

Anywaaaaay... Though I've been busy, it's been the usual stuff really. Promoting this weekends upcoming Vintage Pretty Fayre (who'd have thought just advertising an event could take up so much time?!), making things to go on my stall, driving lessons and of course, working!

On the work front, I have been asked whether I would like to make some of the extra tasks I have been doing for some time now, official. And for doing so I will be on just under a thousand more a year. Any extra money is good of course, but this will work out at £40-50 extra a month, which I'm a little disappointed with. I love the extra jobs I have been asked to do (officially) but I will still only be on approx. £1000 a month (that's a pretty low/standard wage for office work in the UK). And the jobs that I will be taking over are usually done by somebody on a lot more money than I'm on. A lot!

Now don't get me wrong, it's not all about money for me. I'm not obsessed with money by any means, but at my age, and after around 10 years of working for a living, I was hoping that for once I would be on a comfortable wage. I am always in my overdraft (which is half of my wages normally) and am always desperately awaiting the next pay day (usually a few days after my actual payday too!). I would love for once to be able to go out and buy some clothes and not worry that it's not going to make me broke for the month.

And then of course, my new role would include: reception duties (which are a lot on their own), counselling admin (and arranging), on-call admin (and arranging) as well as any other daily admin duties I am asked to do by the other supervisors. I love being busy, and I love doing this (as I do already) but I was just hoping to be paid a little more.

But you know, I really don't mean to moan and I love that I'll be responsible for more. So hopefully this will be a stepping stone to something higher paid. Money doesn't make everything perfect, but I think it can give you just a little more freedom. And it's nice to be able to get takeaway once in a while! ;D


  1. You're right about money not being everything, but the way we live these days, it kind of is really important. and rent's always a bastard too. but if you find a job you love that pays just a bit more than you need to get by, that's freaking amazing :)

  2. Its okay to moan, we all need to do it sometimes. I can feel your pain though, I was just talking to a friend about how where I work no matter how hard you work the pay is fixed. This makes it hard to get motivated to put in that extra effort. I am just counting the days until I work for myself and can pay myself in frosting...LOL!

  3. I think it's definitely understandable to feel like you deserve more money! If they would pay others more to do these tasks, you deserve the same!