Friday, 26 March 2010

My week in documentaries.

Some documentaries I have seen lately:

Dawn Porter is awesome. First of all I watched her Geisha Girl episode. I love geisha (used to be over-obsessed with them even!) but I didn't enjoy this much. I don't think it helped that Dawn really didn't enjoy it, but to be fair to her it is extremely hard and uncomfortable work.)

However, the next episode I watched was on Free Love
, and although it really isn't my thing, I really enjoyed it. The people themselves seemed kind and gentle, and as long as all those involved are doing so by choice, why not? Surely 'free love' is better than the hurt and pain that fills so much of the world today?

I'm pretty pleased that I have stumbled upon the Dawn Porter episodes on Youtube. I'd heard they were good, and I'm a sucker for a good documentary style show!

Lastly, Mikee and I watched Nick Broomfield's 'Kurt and Courtney'. I usually enjoy Nick Broomfield's documentaries and Mikee is a fan of Nirvana and Hole, so we thought we'd give it a go. It was so interesting, and my dislike for Courtney Love has not waned... however, if you see her dad in this film, it may explain why she is the way she is! I must say though, I don't really believe that Kurt was killed by Courtney.

Last week I also really enjoyed Nick Broomfield's 'Biggie and Tupac' and I felt so enlightened by it. I also felt silly that I believed the whole gang war/feud excuse for both killings... it may be that was the case, but there is so much I didn't know. And that's my fault for assuming I wouldn't like the programme as I don't like rap. Silly girl! Just goes to show that it's always good to widen your horizons... even when it comes to what you watch online/on tv!

And lastly, a programme I turned off after 20 minutes or so... Meet the Foxes on Channel 4/4OD). I thought it would be interesting, as it is a group of rural foxes filmed over a certain time period. Instead all it featured was snooty families calling pest control on them, and trying to dictate where another living creature can go. When will humankind learn that we do not control everything in this world?

The part that really made me angry was when a fox was trapped (in a 'humane' trap) in one of the families back gardens. It showed the dad with his two kids looking through the cage at this sodden, wet, cold and scared young fox, talking about what would happen to it now. The father said the people who laid the trap would come and collect the fox and release it into some woods, a distance away. if this is true, of course it is better than killing these magnificent creatures. But as the young son pointed out (very rightly) this meant that the fox would be taken away from it's family. But hey, who cares, as long as the pesky fox isn't in their garden right? Makes me so mad, and so disappointed in human nature. Sigh.


  1. I have a friend who pretty much watches nothing but documentaries...and I would always poke fun at him because he would watch them on the strangest, and what to me seemed like the most boring things...and then I started watching them with him--and really enjoy them! You're right--expanding your horizons IS really great!!

  2. the only documentries I own and have watched more than once are: Louis Theroux's Most Hated Family In America and Jesus Camp. But they aren't my favorite. My favorite is Grey Gardens. It's amazing and surreal.

  3. Ah the Meet the Foxes sounds a lot like something I watched maybe a month or two ago. I think I may have seen it on animal planet. Anyways these snooty people move to a rural part of California and get upset over cyotes coming into "their" yard and killing a small dog or cat. To me there's nothing wrong with cyotes living their life the way they used to. And I'm sure you were just as upset and disgusted with the people as I was with these. I grew up around cyotes and small foxes and don't see them to be so harmful especially since they were here first.

    I've been avoiding watching the Kurt Cobain documentary we have on our netflix stream but I may just give it a chance now.